Welcome to RTTC Jaipur

24-04,2017Posted by Principal RTTC Jaipur


Regional Telecom Training Centre Jaipur is one of the premier training institutes of BSNL. It imparts training in modern Telecommunication Engineering, Information Technology, and Management to BSNL executives, Non-Executives and Engineering students. This centre is equipped with state-of-the-art telecom technology laboratories, which include mobile communication systems of GSM 3G & CDMA, switching systems of OCB-Alcatel France & CDOT make, transmission systems in digital microwave, fiber optics, SDH, STM rings and data communication systems with Internet nodes, Wi-Fi equipments, IP MPLS VPN and Cisco routers. The faculty members are well-qualified technocrats and experienced professionals from among various telecom specialties. The 41 acres of lush green campus houses Library, Hostels and Recreational amenities.